Adamo Ignis

Fall in Love with Flame

'Adamo Ignis' is latin for 'to fall in love with flame'. Exactly what you'll be doing when you see the literally hot stunts in this group's show! The passion of dance, the danger of fire, and of course many other stunts and tricks will leave you in love with more than just the flame...


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April 13-14: West Windsor Renaissance Faire

May 4-5: Smithville Renaissance Faire

May 11-12: Mayfaire on the Green

June 1-2, 8-9: NJ Renaissance Faire

June 15: Pillage in the Village

June 21-22: Keystone Grange Fair

Aug. 11 (Rain Date Aug. 18): Collegeville Fire Company Car Show

Sept. 7-8: Rome Renaissance Revels

Sept. 21-22: The Village Renaissance Faire 

Dec. 14: Phoenixville Firebird Festival


Jan. 28: Fire and Ice Festival

Feb. 17-19: Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter Renaissance Festival

April 21-22: New Hope Fantasy Renaissance Faire    

May 12 (13th for Rain Date): Smithville Renaissance Faire

May 12-13: Mayfaire on the Green

June 2-3, 9-10: NJ Renaissance Faire

June 16: Pillage in the Village

July 21: River Street Cafe

July 27-28: Keystone Grange Fair

Aug. 12: Collegeville Fire Company Car Show

Aug. 25-26: RACC Renaissance Revels

Sept. 8-9: Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Sept. 8-9 [CANCELLED]: Adirondack Fantasy Renaissance Festival

Sept. 15-16: The Village Renaissance Faire

Sept. 29-30: MVCC Rogue's Revenge Renaissance Festival

Oct. 5-7, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27: Morey's Fears Terror on the Boardwalk 

Dec. 8: Phoenixville Firebird Festival

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