Adamo Ignis

Fall in Love with Flame

'Adamo Ignis' is latin for 'to fall in love with flame'. Exactly what you'll be doing when you see the literally hot stunts in this group's show! The passion of dance, the danger of fire, and of course many other stunts and tricks will leave you in love with more than just the flame...



January 31: Fire and Ice Festival

May 16-17: Mayfaire on the Green

July 11-12: Adirondack Fantasy Renaissance Festival

July 18-19, 25-26: Great Lakes Medieval Faire

July 22: Pine Barrens Festival

August 1-2, 8-9, 15-16: Great Lakes Medieval Faire

August 22-23: The Knight Train

Sept. 12-13: Royalty and Rogues Festival

Sept. 19-20: The Village Renaissance Faire

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