adaMO igNiS


Christine Najarian is an East Coast based Fire Performer & Entrepreneur with a glittering array of live entertainment skills, most of which involve danger & setting things on fire. She is the owner and fieryfront-woman  of Adamo Ignis. Christine is also a ceramic artist with a focus on wheel work and incorporating sculpture into one of a kind drinking vessels and planters. 

When she isn't focusing on growing her businesses to bigger and better heights, Christine enjoys gardening, painting, reading, traveling, and writing music in her free time. 


Chris Smirnov is a Philadelphia based musician and music teacher with a focus on violin and viola. He has attended Temple University for Violin Performance and aspires to become a music instructor for grade school students. Chris' other music skills include advanced music theory, composition, and arranging as well as proficiency in percussion, piano, and cello.

When not performing with Adamo Ignis, Chris can be found bartending or building for 13th Street Cocktails, hiking, jamming, or petting dogs. All the dogs.